"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." "To own a pomeranian is a privilege, to be owned BY a pomeranian is an honor."

My name is Borghild Bang, I am a small hobby breeder working to achieve my goal of the "ideal" Pomeranian while maintaining the Pomeranian standard. I live in the countryside in Norway with nature all around. I strive to get sound, healthy and vital dogs, and for me this is a lifestyle after more than 35 years with different breeds as members of the family. My mentor is Gold`n`art.

My main blodlines are the old Norwegian/Swedish/French lines and the famous Canadian Chriscendo lines. Thanks to John and Christine Heartz for their hard work which I can take advantage of.

My great veterinarian's page.

Pass opp for smuglerhunder, stjålne hunder og hunder uten papirer!. Mange er blitt lurte, vil du bli en av disse ? Og samtidig støtte valpefabrikker ?