International show NKK Harstad 03.10.2015

Our Ozzy was BOS and won CAC.

Judge Mona Selbach.


Ozzy andre resultater i år/Ozzy other results this year:

27.06.2015: EX,1UKK

28.06.2015: EX,AK

16.08.15: EX,AKK,CK,CERT

This is OZZY:


Nancy ( Englehundens Adorable Girl)


owner Bang/Pettersen

Handler T.Elvebakk.

Resultater så langt i år/results so fare this year for her:

27.06.2015: 1 UKK

28.06.2015: EX. CK,Res CERT

08.08.2015: EX, CK,CERT,BIM,1 BTK

09.08.2015: EX, CERT, BIM, 1BTK

15.08.2015: EX,!AKK,CK, 3BTK

16.08.2015: EX 1 AKK, CK, 2BTK

International show NKK 03.10.2015:




International show NKK, Harstad

Our Ozzy; BOB and BIG 2. Judge S.Helgesen.

(handler Tanja Elvebakk)



BB`s Tiny Wonders Inferno, BIR/BOB Karmøy Hundeklubb for judge Hedi Kumm


Englehundens Adorable Girl.


Owners: Borghild Bang/Trude Pettersen



23.08.2014: BIR, BIG 2 for judge Carl G Staffenberg,

Ozzy is son of INT N FIN UCH NV.09-10 NORDV 09-10 Tiny Jewels Mad About The Boy

and Gold`n`Art Back In Black

Owners: Borghild Bang/Trude Pettersen

Thanks to handler Tanja Elvebakk


25.07.2014 for Judge Tino Pehar and Olga Sinko Kupriyanov

BB`s Tiny Wonders Empress BB and

BB`s Tiny Wonders Inferno:

4 x CK, 4 x Exellent, 4 BTK



BB`s Tiny Wonders Elaine , BIG2,Best in show 2:

BB`s Tiny Wonders Elaine BIG 1


Linda Holte med BB`s Tiny Wonder Showboat Fun BIG 1

Karmøy 30.07.2011:

BB`s Tiny Wonder Elaine::

Exellent, Res. Cert, 2BTK

BB`s Tiny Wonder Inferno:

Exellent, Ck og 4 BTK

Drakedram BB`sir Elton : Exellent, CK , 1 konk, og 4 BHK
Judge/dommer var Seamus Oates.


Still a youngster but BB`s Tiny Wonder Fairytale already has :

3 x CK, 1 CERT, 1 RES: CERT, 2 HP, 5 x EXELLENT

06.02.11: BB`s Tiny Wonders Fairytale fikk

CK og 4BHK på Exporama.

NEWS 2010:

Utstilling Letohallen 31.10 2010:

BB`s Tiny Wonders Fairytale :CERT og 2BHK

BB`s Tiny Wonders Lenes Girl: BIM valp

BB`s Tiny Wonders Inferno 2BTK valp


Utstilling Letohallen 30.10.2010:

BB`Tiny Wonders Lenes Baby Boy: CK

BB`s Tiny Wonders Lenes Girl: BIM valp

BB`s Tiny Wonders Inferno : 2BTK valp


Karmøy Hundeklubb 25.07.2010:

BB`s Tiny Wonder Lenes Baby Boy CERT og BIM:

(owner and handler: Lene Utbjoa, judge: Mona Selbach, Norway)

Karmøy Hundeklubb 25.07.2010:

N, S, DK, Nordic Uch Charm (Kleinspitz) was BOB,BIG 3 for judge Mona Selbach, Norway:

Norrkøping in Sweden 06.06.2010:

N, S, Nordic Uch Charm wins BOB and CACIB. ( we did not enter the group because of showing 2 breeds)

Now he only needs 1 Cacib to be INT UCH:

Haugesund og omegn hundeklubb 30.05.2010:

BB`s Tiny Wonder Magic Circle BIR, BIG 2.

for dommer: Roald A Lende, Norge

Karmøy Hundeklubb 29.05.2010:

BB`s Tiny Wonder Magic Circle ble BIM

for dommer: Susan Terry (England)



Charm De La Petite Moriniere, N,DK, NORDIC CHAMPION:

In Hasleholm, Sweden.(co owner Kopperdal/Heradstveit)

News 2009

Puppies after Tiny Jewels Smell of Chanel, daughter of Nord Uch KHBV-03 Tiny Jewes Mr. Brutus and grandchild of Int.Nord.Fin Uch,Nordv 98-99-00VV-00Sv-97-98-00-01 Tiny Jewels Toystar

and Soffies Vivaldi, son of DK S Uch KLB Ch DKKV-05 Finch Ovtion For Me and grandchild of AM CH T CH Puffpride Sweet Dreams are born.


Our Kleinspitz NUCH Charm de La Petite Moriniere became

Danish Champion at the Copenhagen Winner show:

(co-owner Kopperdal/Heradstveit)

A happy Pomeranian gathering in Ølen:

From the left:

Mariann Gjertsen, Britt Christiansen, Eldbjørg Tollefsen, Borghild Bang, Jorunn Grindheim, Wenche Haave, Leif Tollefsen and Ann Kristin Tollefsen.

(6 breeders and 2 proud owners)

Me and Chad winning BOB and BIG 2:

(Judge: Irene Donné)

Norwegian Champion:

Our Kleinspitz, Charm de La Petite Moriniere:

(co-owner Heradstveit/Kopperdal)


5.th of September:

Color Picure de La petite Moriniere:


31st.of May:

Charm de La Petite Moriniere

CK in Haugesund for judge Tino Pehar, Croatia.

10th. of May: International show

NKK Kristiansand:

Charm de La Petite Moriniere

CERT, RES. CACIB for judge Terje Lindstrøm


22nd. of February: International show

NKK in Bø, Charm de La Petite Moriniere

BOS, CERT,CACIB, 1. BEST MALE for judge Tino Pehar, Kroatia.

(handlet av Gisle Kopperdal)

16th of February:

(Charm and handler/co-owner in the newspaper)

Charm og Gisle avbildet i Grannar:

Og Målfrid med vår Paula og sin Era var også avbildet:

15th. of February:

Swede Sun Sirpa was BIG today in Ølen

(handler Målfrid Hardeland)

14th. of February:

All breeds, show in Ølen:

BB`s Tiny Wonder Veni Vivi Vici was


(owner and handler A. Jordal)


Charme De La Petite Moriniere:

CERT and 2. best male on his first show..

( Handler and co-owner Gisle Kopperdal and Anne Brit Heradstveit)



18th of January 2009

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